To-Do / Calendar

  • Twos – Organize notes, to-dos, reminders, events. (Twos)
  • Google Calendar – a shared family Calendar is a must. This is just where we started and where we still are. (Google Calendar)

Notes / Capture

  • AnyType – a local first note/database note taking app, focus on privacy. (AnyType)
  • Logseq – a privacy-first, open-source note-taking app. I use this for my work notes and quick task capture. (Logseq)
  • Fabric – a file explorer that helps you organize, capture, find, notes, URLs and files. I’ve been trying to use this more and more to spend less time organizing my captures and files and just tossing them in there and searching for them instead. I am really liking the concept so far. (Fabric)


  • Proton Mail – I switched to this a few months ago to just try and increase my privacy and reduce my Google usage a bit. I am really loving it so far, the filtering is very good. (ProtonMail)


  • Brave – I’ve bounced around browsers but mostly stick with Brave due to the built in ad blocker on mobile. (Brave)


  • Strava – my run & walk tracker. I like it because of the social aspect with my friends and family. (Strava)
  • Hevy – track my weight training with a nice social aspect. (Hevy)


  • Signal – for group and text messaging with a focus on encryption and privacy. I’ve been trying to move as many chats and group chats into this as I can. Takes some time since other people are involved and also need to make the switch. (Signal)
  • Telegram – a messaging app that is fast and coinvent that works well between iOS and Android. We have used this for years but I am slowly trying to move to Signal instead for privacy reasons. (Telegram)


  • SoFi – We use this for our banking. Good rates and all the features we like. (SoFi)
  • Monarch Money – A great budgeting software. Pulls in all your account data into one place for budgeting, tracking and reports. The transactions rules are the best I’ve ever used. (Monarch Money)


  • Bitwarden – We have been using Bitwarden for family password management for years and love it. (Bitwarden)
  • 2FAS – open-source two-factor authenticator. Just does one thing very well. (2FAS)


  • ClickUp – We tried a good many PM tools but we ended up choosing ClickUp and the whole company is using it more and more to track our tasks. (ClickUp)
  • Autodesk Inventor – our choose for 3D design and drawings. (Inventor)


  • Hardcover – used for tracking books I have read, want to read and read others reviews. (Hardcover)
  • JustWatch – used for tracking shows I want to stream or have streamed. Also a great place to find what services something is streaming on. (JustWatch)
  • YouTube Music – Its hard to pass up YouTube Music as our way to stream music. The music app may not be the best, but getting ad free YouTube is totally worth it. (YouTube Music)

Video / Photo Editing

  • PowerDirector – I’ve been using this for many years. I’ve tried others that are probably better tools but I’ve just gotten so used to how easy PowerDirector is to use. (PowerDicrector)


  • ShareX – I’ve been using this for a while. It has a ton of nice features above the build in snipping tool for Windows. (ShareX)


  • Mastodon – is free and open-source software for running self-hosted social networking services. (Mastodon)
  • AllThingsTech – the Mastodon server I use. The admins are amazing. (AllThingsTech)
  • Moshidon – The Mastodon Android app of choice. (Moshidon)