4th of July Weekend

4th of July Weekend

We had a nice, long holiday weekend. It was very hot, but overall, it was a good weekend.

On Thursday, I smoked a Pork Shoulder, starting around 6am and finishing around 3:30pm. It turned out really well. We went to my brother’s for dinner, and he bought some fireworks that we set off in his yard.

Friday, the oldest and I mowed the lawn for the neighbor. My parents came up for dinner, and we played some card games with them. It was a fun night, and we had a good time laughing.

Saturday, we mowed the backyard after having to fix the mower three different times. We were able to get it done after some effort. I also fixed some of the railing and gate on our deck. After that, my brother brought his dog by to play with Luna in our yard. They had a great time but it got plenty hot out there. After that, my in-laws came over for dinner and more card games.

On Sunday, we watched church online. Then the oldest and I fixed the explorer brake lights and replaced the turn signal in the steering column. After that, I worked out in the basement with the youngest. I ended up installing Linux, Neon Distro onto my Surface Laptop. I just wanted to be able to play with Linux more often. Then we had some dinner, leftovers, and the kids headed off to Youth Group. My spouse and I had a date night and got snowballs.

Overall, it was a nice, chill weekend. We had plenty of family time and did our best to stay out of the heat.