Starting Something New

I am embarking on a new endeavor here. I have owned a website for numerous years, yet I have never genuinely discovered a compelling reason to publish content. Personally, I believe I lack any groundbreaking ideas or thoughts that would capture anyone’s attention or warrant their valuable time. However, I desired a platform to document my progress throughout this year (2024), as I endeavor to regain a level of fitness that fills me with pride, while simultaneously conquering a few physical challenges I have personally selected.

About Me

My name is Fred, and I am in my early 40s. I have an amazing wife and three awesome children. Additionally, we have two dogs who are a significant part of our family. Our family thoroughly enjoys spending time outdoors and engaging in activities such as camping, hiking, jogging, and simply taking walks. Personally, I embrace the notion of being physically active and maintaining fitness, not primarily for aesthetic purposes, but more for my physical and mental well-being.


  • Weight – I am not excessively overweight, and my body shape effectively conceals it. However, my goal for this year is to reach a weight of 185 lbs. At present, I weigh approximately 210 lbs. I have attained this weight in the past and genuinely felt my best at that time.
  • 5K Running Pace – Years ago, possibly more than 10 years ago, I was capable of achieving a pace of less than 8 minutes for a 5k. This year, I aspire to regain the ability to run at this pace once again.
  • Lifting Regularly – I used to go to the gym almost every weekday morning to lift weights. I aim to make this a consistent part of my daily routine. My intention is not to focus on bulking up or achieving any specific lifting goals, but rather to engage in daily weightlifting at the gym and gradually increase my strength.


  • AT 4 State Challenge – I would like, once again, to successfully complete the AT 4 state 24 hour challenge. I have completed this challenge once before and made one other attempt in which we only finished 3 out of the 4 states. The challenge entails hiking the AT from Pennsylvania through Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia, all within a span of 24 hours. This year, I am determined to conquer this challenge once again. AT 4 State Challenge – AllTrails
  • KTA Trail Challenge – I have also participated in the KTA Trail Challenge, an Ultra Hike Race held in southern York County. Prior to this, I have successfully taken on this challenge three times. Although I managed to complete it on all three occasions, I experienced some discomfort and faced slow sections. My objective for this upcoming attempt is to achieve my fastest time while minimizing pain and overcoming struggle. KTA Challenge Website

Blog Purpose

The purpose of this blog is to create a central place where I can track my progress, training, and thoughts along this journey. If nobody reads this site, that is okay with me. I understand that it will probably not be interesting to anyone other than myself, and I am okay with that. However, if you are in a similar stage of life as me, you might find it encouraging to know that someone else is also working towards becoming healthier and creating a happier life, just like you. So, please feel free to follow along if you would like. I will be posting my body stats in the next day or two which will act as my starting point on the path to reach the above goals. I will most likely be posting the stat check-ins once a week if not more.