Exploring Fabric.so

I've been exploring a new application/operating system/website called Fabric. It's a bit challenging to succinctly describe what this tool is without drawing comparisons to other platforms. I'd like to share a link to the introductory video created by the founder of Fabric for those interested in getting started.

Introduction to Fabric

Fabric is a unique blend of functionalities from Google Drive, Evernote, and Raindrop. It serves as an excellent hub for gathering various types of content, including documents, web links, images, videos, notes, and quotes. An especially handy Chrome plugin facilitates swift addition of web URLs, text excerpts, and images. Additionally, the platform allows for uploading PDFs, images, and creating text notes directly through the Fabric website.

Organizing Your Content

Upon amassing your desired collection of items, they are initially placed in your Inbox and can be viewed in chronological order. This chronological arrangement enables effortless review of all your collected items over time. Subsequently, you have the ability to categorize your collected items into distinct Collections. These Collections serve to group items based on topics or types, offering the flexibility to create as many collections as needed. Further organization can be achieved by establishing folders within these collections, streamlining content management.

Search and AI Capabilities

While the collection and organization aspects are noteworthy, Fabric's primary appeal lies in its advanced Search and AI functions. These functions alleviate the need for meticulous manual organization. The powerful search engine and AI technology collaborate to streamline your experience. This involves comprehensive search within documents and AI-based indexing of images, identifying elements such as trees, colors, dogs, and more.

Integration Possibilities

A notable feature on the horizon for Fabric is its forthcoming integrations. Over the next few weeks, the platform is set to seamlessly connect with Google Drive, Bookmarks, Dropbox, Notion, Readwise, and more. These integrations will incorporate content from these services into Fabric's ecosystem. The indexed items from external sources will become part of your search results within Fabric. Furthermore, you'll be able to add content from these integrated services into your personally curated Collections within Fabric. This cohesive approach ensures that all your collected items, whether from Fabric itself or other connected services, can be accessed, searched, and organized through a user-friendly AI-driven interface.


Check it out here: Fabric.so

Fabric Demo May 2023